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We are the Federal Workers’ Compensation Specialist with a designated focus on the full medical treatment process for all federal employee work-related injuries.

The Federal Workers’ Compensation is complex and time consuming process which is managed through the Department of Labor (DOL) which requires special forms for reporting acute work-related injures (CA1 forms) and chronic work-related injury (CA2 forms).

Our office prides itself on being a patient advocate facility ensuring that your care is our primary focus.

At the Benson-MD Clinics, we handle the whole process for you. Whether you have new or existing work related-injuries. The Federal Workers’ Comp doctor and staff must be able to accurately document the injuries and take the injured employee through the entire healing process and the duration of your case.

We are the best at what we do for you.
We are your Federal Workers’ Comp Specialist.

Our office has over 50 years of combined Federal Workers’ Compensation Experience which includes:

  • A knowledgeable medical doctor and providers who specialize in Federal Workers’ Compensation
  • Highly efficient and knowledgeable Federal Worker’s Compensation Case Managers
  • Highly trained physical therapy and office staff with a state-of-the-art physical therapy department